Tulsi's Vegan Kitchen - About Me

Cooking is my hobby and cooking healthy food for my family is my passion!

I had the benefit of growing up in a home with a mixed parentage, a North Indian father and a Thai/Chinese mother. Having food from different cultures was a norm in my family. We could have a Malay dish for lunch and a Punjabi dish for dinner. Next day, it could be a Chinese dish or a South Indian dish. My mother had a flair for learning different dishes from her neighbors and friends. People were more laid back then, and it was normal to walk into each other's homes for a long chat or sharing cooking skills.

When I married into a Sri Lankan Tamil family, I inherited the rich heritage of Ceylonese cooking from my mother-in-law, who was the superb cook that every family member from her extended family heaped praises on. Her curries were to die for and simple dishes like Moringa pod curry left a lasting impression on friends and visitors long after she had passed on. Even at an advanced age, she spent much time on making some really tedious dishes and snacks. There was no such thing as sharing recipes back then! I had to observe carefully when she was cooking and pick up the skills on my own.

I am an economist by training and have dabbled in cooking for more than 50 years as a passion and out of necessity. This blog has been set up to share the many recipes I acquired from the rich heritage of my cultural background. I have veganized all these recipes to suit a vegan audience. I do hope readers will find them useful and will try them out.