Dentobac Gel (Toothpaste)

Dentobac Gel


A unique Ayurvedic herbal GEL toothpaste for Adult, in Fresh Aqua Green shade. Dentobac Gel toothpaste has all the natural healing and curative ayurvedic herbs recommended by doctors all over the world for dental care. It prevents toothaches, bleeding gums and plaque. You will experience sparkling teeth, tightening gums and fresher breath.

The best of 4-in-1 benefits in:

  • Amla (Gooseberry) - Rich Source of Proteins & Vitamin C for tightening gums.
  • Licorice - Soothing / healing on mouth Ulcers and antiseptic.
  • Clove - Toothache healing properties and astringent, also a common remedy for Bad Breathe.
  • Neem - known world over for best antiseptic-anti-bacterial properties and prevent Tooth decay & gum disease.

Where to buy?

Can be found in most Indian grocery stores.