LN Fortunate Coffee


In their own words:

" At LN Fortunate Coffee, our passion is for all things 'natural' and nothing is more natural than LIFE itself.

We only serve hand-brewed specialty coffees, bringing you the most natural taste and aroma of each cup of coffee.

Our bread are made from sourdough, the most natural way of fermenting dough for at least 18 hours, bringing you the natural aroma, taste and chewiness of bread.

All our food are animal free, additive free and preservative free; only use the freshest high quality ingredients and we choose organic whenever wherever possible.

LN stands for 'Loving Nature' and at LN Fortunate Coffee, we live by the code of 'nothing added . nothing removed . totally natural'

Our entire selection are 100% plant-based and are 100% vegan & vegetarian friendly..."

Jeremy Loo, Owner/Coach at LN Fortunate Coffee Solaris:

LN Fortunate Coffee's concept is best described as 'natural', where all ingredients are 100% plant-based and free of animal ingredients, additives and preservatives. Some diner's favourites include our pour-over speciality coffee, organic tea, toast selections, olive ciabattas, nasi lemak, classic soup, lasagna, pesto pasta, grilled tempeh sandwich, and our range of ice creams and waffles.