Litna Herbal Toothpaste



LITNA's Herbal Toothpaste is produced with a combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology. The main active components of LITNA are Banyan (Aalam kucchi) extract and Acacia Arabica (velam kucchi) which strengthen the gums and teeth whilst preventing any infection. LITNA does not contain animal byproducts, sacharine (artificial sweetener), monosodium glutamate, alcohol or preservatives. LITNA is Fluoride Free, Sugar Free and is suitable for both childrens and adults.

About The Manufacturer

In their own words:

Litna has been formulated using only natural products. All extracts are from the highest quality. Litna is unique in that, there is no animal content in the toothpaste. Dicalcium phosphate which is normally obtained from animal bones and gelatin have been replaced using natural products. Hence, it is suitable for vegetarians. The extracts used in Litna have not been tested on animals and we advocate a cruelty free policy.
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Where to buy?

Can be found in most Indian grocery stores.