Woods Macrobiotics


The Macrobiotic Diet is focused on achieving balance and harmony in life. It is derived from the ancient oriental principles of Yin & Yang (balance and harmony). These principles are found throughout the universe to assist us in achieving balance in our life. Similarly, using these principles in food preparation enable us to achieve harmony within ourselves and with our environment.


  • Macro = Big, Large, Long
  • Bio = Life
  • Macrobiotic = Long life diet

Woods Macrobiotics has a holistic approach to assist customers meet all their requirements at one place. Besides having a cafe, Woods Macrobiotics stocks groceries and bakery products, as well as operates a cooking academy and lifestyle consultancy.



The cafe runs on an Obento Lunch concept. The meals consist of wholegrain activated brown rice or rice products, accompanied by vegetables, activated beans or bean products, seaweed, seeds or nuts, pickles and soup of the day. The thoughtfully planned and carefully balanced meals aim to energize diners for the day.

  • Obento Lunch availability: 10.30am - 2pm. One set meal, may be different each day.

  • Dinner: Only available upon orders, received by 2pm on the same day. Ready to be eaten or picked up by 4pm.

  • Drinks and refreshments: Available throughout the day.

  • Obento lunch box delivery service: Currently available around KL, Klang Valley and PJ.

  • Organic & Vegan Grocery

    The 1st & only 100% vegan grocery store in Malaysia.


    A wide range of vegan products are available here, ranging from beverages, fresh vegetables, household and kitchen equipment, condiments, flour and baking, rice, tempeh, flaxseed oil, nuts and seeds, to personal care products and probiotics(Miso & Natto).

    An Online Store is also available, providing delivery to anywhere in Malaysia.

    Hanspeter Bio Backerei Bakery


    The Hanspeter Bio Backeria was established in 2003 using a concept developed by a German master baker, Hanspeter Wibbet.

    This is the first bio-bakery in Malaysia that specialises in slow bread fermentation using 95% organic ingredients.


    Organic, Vegan, handmade, naturally fermented, refined sugar-free, trans-fat free, non-GMO, stone-ground whole grain flour, additives-free, preservatives free.


    Organic whole wheat based and non-gluten bread, cakes, pastry and snacks.

    Cooking Academy

    The cooking academy was set up with the objective of helping individuals learn the necessary skills to prepare Macrobiotic healing foods and remedies.

    Some of the classes in the past include:

    • Macrobiotics Cooking for Beginners
      • Introduction to the theory and concepts of macrobiotics, practical hands-on cooking classes with a full-course lunch menu
      • Preparation of soup, condiments, vegetables, main course and dessert.
      • Basic knife skills, kitchen management and pantry makeover.
    • Cancer Prevention Diet
    • Macrobiotics Lifestyle and organic living

    Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

    Consultation offered includes health and wellbeing, guidance in the implementation of a macrobiotic diet, cancer prevention and recovery, heart health, diabetic diet, kidney health and pregnancy care.


    The year 1993 was a historic moment for vegans in Malaysia. It was on 22 September 1993 that the first vegan macrobiotics restaurant opened its doors in Malaysia.


    The credit for this remarkable achievement goes to Ms. June Ka Lim who founded Woods Macrobiotics. Besides being a nature lover and a permaculturist, June is a trained Macrobiotics chef, a counsellor, a holistic nutritionist and an author.