Vegan Dahlia Cookies

I owe my introduction to Dahlia cookies to my sister-in-law. She was an expert at making these cookies, and the way she churned out these multi-layered cookies with such a small mould was really fascinating to watch. She subscibes to the old school of cooking where approximate measurements are used, rather than following a standard recipe.

It took a lot of practice before I could get the shape required to roughly resemble a dahlia. And I had to recreate the recipe with exact measurements so that it could be replicated each time. The original recipe has been veganized without any loss in taste, as attested by my daughter, who is the real reason for me to learn this recipe!

The pastry uses a simple method of preparation. A major ingredient is custard powder, which is mixed with all the other dry ingredients. Then vegan butter is added to produce the dough. Ice-cold water may be added if the pastry is too dry.


A special mould is used to squeeze out the pastry into a dahlia shape and each cookie is topped with a piece of red cherry to give it a delightful colour. The taste is really amazing!

You have to try it for yourself to see how it has become a must-have for festive occasions!


1. Mix all dry ingredients.

2. Add in margarine and mix until crumbly.

3. Add vanilla essence.

4. Add iced water and form into a soft dough.

5. Fill cookie press and form into daisy shape.

6. Top with a piece of cherry.

7. Bake at 150 C for 20 minutes.