Sangkaya Is Not Vegan

Sangkaya have been promoting themselves as being vegan friendly for a very long time, despite the fact that they use condensed milk in their products. They claim that the ingredient only amounts to about 2% of their finished product, and therefore it is suitable for vegans and even for those who are lactose intolerant.

Considering vegans do not consciously consume any animal products, i doubt they would be willing to consume a product that's been confirmed by the makers themselves to have some animal ingredients.

As the screenshot below shows, they have been sufficiently notified that this practice is unacceptable and they had also agreed to stop promoting themselves as being vegan friendly on 22nd March 2016. Yet, as of this date (14th July 2016), both on their website and on social media, they continue promoting their products as being vegan friendly.

Vegans who are not aware of this continue to be misled by Sangkaya and so it has become necessary for me to create this article to spread the word about Sangkaya's lack of respect for vegans.

I urge everyone to spread this article and also the image on the right so that everyone becomes aware of this issue.

Thank you.

Correspondence with Sangkaya

My correspondence with Sangkaya