Event Promo: World Animal Day, The Vegan Way 2017

The year 2016 was probably the first time we had a truly vegan event with the sole objective of promoting Veganism in Malaysia: the MMU Vegan Week. And 2016 also marked the first time we officially celebrated World Vegan Day in this country.

Another significant development took place in 2016 when Furry Friends Farm in Rawang, Selangor, became the first vegan-run Animal Sanctuary in Malaysia. Nearly a year ago, in October 2016, Myza Nordin, the President of Furry Friends Farm, became a vegan, after being a vegetarian for 3 years. And since Georgie Gisborne, the Sanctuary Manager, had herself been a vegan for over 20 years, this in effect meant that two of the sanctuary's key members were vegan, and as such Furry Friends Farm was from here on a vegan-run sanctuary. Ever since, besides caring for the animals in the sanctuary (over 500 of them), they have also been actively promoting veganism in many ways.

First teaser video

Fast forward to 2017. Furry Friends Farm expressed their interest to host the World Vegan Day 2017 celebrations in Malaysia. It occurred to me then that there couldn't possibly be a better place to celebrate such a day other than at Furry Friends Farm, and in the company of our furry friends!

And considering that Myza Nordin and Georgie Gisborne are perhaps two of the most compassionate vegans I’ve met in this country, I couldn't possibly say no when asked to spearhead this event.

Furry Friends Farm has been celebrating World Animal Day for many years now and since this event was just a month apart from World Vegan Day, it seemed double the joy to have a joint celebration of both these events that ultimately have the same goal, which is to raise awareness of the fact that animals are sentient beings, and not that different from us human beings. After all, we are all Earthlings!

And so with the help of an amazing team of vegans and sponsors, we bring you World Animal Day, The Vegan Way 2017, jointly celebrated with World Vegan Day!

Official Event Poster

Here are some of the activities we have in store for that day!


The best way to see for yourself the fact that animals are sentient beings is to interact with them. And at Furry Friends Farm, you get to do just that. See for yourself how welcoming they are towards guests that are visiting their home and how delighted they are to have your company!



LN Fortunate Coffee

Known for their amazing coffees and sourdough breads, and also their commitment to making the world a better place, we are truly fortunate to have them as a sponsor/ vendor for our event!


Considering that the Tacos and Nasi Lemak at Sala are cruelty-free, these delicious dishes are perhaps the best you can find in Malaysia. And we are really happy to have Sala at the event to share their passion for good food!


The event wouldn't be complete without vegan ice-creams, and thankfully, Leckeries has plenty of vegan options, all of which are fruit-based. Leckereis currently sell their Ice-creams only at special events, so don't miss the opportunity to savor these world-class vegan ice-creams!


Uniquely Henna

Uniquely Henna was co-founded by a vegan friend of ours, When Li Tan. Don't miss the opportunity to have lovely henna designs drawn on your hands, at a bargain price of RM20 per hand! This activity is only carried out at selected events, so be sure to sign up now! 100% of proceeds will go to Furry Friends Farm. Click here for details.

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Second teaser video featuring the key people of Furry Friends Farm and the vendors


Lucky Draws

There are 100 prizes to be won in total, all of them vegan (obviously)! It would be difficult to list down all 100 items but among them, as you can see in the image are cash vouchers from Justlife (worth RM20 each) and Kon Rak Pak (worth RM100 each), FFF merchandises, products from Big Tree Farm, The Good Bites Oven, Daisy Sky Skin Care Travel Sets (worth RM240 each), Biconi Shampoo Bars and many, many more! Lucky draws will be held throughout the event until all the prizes are won. RM3 per lucky draw ticket & 5 tickets for RM10. 1 IN 10 chances of winning a prize. All proceeds go to Furry Friends Farm.

Lucky Draw Prizes

Furry Friends Foto Competition


Contestants stand to win vouchers from Justlife as below:

  • 1st Prize: Justlife Voucher worth RM150

  • 2nd Prize: Justlife Voucher worth RM100

  • 3rd, 4th, 5th Prizes: Justlife Vouchers worth RM50 each


Pin The Doggy's Tail (Children's Game)

Pin the doggy's tail close to the X spot on the poster to stand a chance to win amazing vegan cupcakes by The Bakesmith.

Chocolate Cupcate with Vanilla Frosting by The Bakesmith

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt where the contestants completing the most items in the checklist win! This will be a game to be played by a team of two individuals (kids can participate too).

Contestants stand to win vouchers from Justlife as below:

  • 1st Prize: 2 X Kon Rak Pak Vouchers worth RM100 each

  • 2nd Prize: 2 x Furry Friends Farm Goodie bags worth over RM100 each

  • 3rd Prize: 2 X Vegan Cookie bags by The Good Bites Oven worth RM70 each



In collaboration with our friendly Malaysian Vegan businesses, we bring you discount codes you can use at their business premises. Click the links to view the full details of the offers!

10% discount at My Plant Deli till 15th November 2017

10% discount at Woods Macrobiotics till 15th November 2017

10% discount at AENON The Health Kitchen 31st December 2017

10% discount at Freaking Wholesome till 30th November 2017

10% discount at Sala till 30th November 2017

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Last but not least, World Animal Day, The Vegan Way 2017 would not be possible without the help of:

Our Organizing Committee

And our Sponsors. Our special thanks to all of them.


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