Vegan Pineapple Jam

A perfect and absolutely necessary accompaniment to melt-in-the mouth pineapple jam tarts! It is a labour of love to get the perfect tasting jam for pineapple jam tarts, but it is really well-worth the effort.

Start with half-ripe fresh pineapples to get the rich fibre without too much juice. Peel the pineapple and remove the eyes with a sharp knife. Then chop into small pieces and spin in a blender for a short while. Sieve the juice out and keep the fibre for the jam. Add brown sugar for a lovely flavour. Cooking over a low flame is important to ensure that the jam sets well and is suitable for using as a filling in the jam tart dough. Make sure the jam is not too watery as the filling may seep out during the baking process.


The jam can be kept in the fridge for months without any loss of flavour. Just take it out when you are ready to make the jam tarts. Leftover jam can be used as a spread for toasts; something my children always look forward to!


1. Peel the pineapple

2. Remove the eyes.

3. Cut lengthwise. Don't remove the core.

4. Slice into small pieces.

5. Rinse with water.

6. Blend coarsely with enough water to run the blender (about 15 seconds).

7. Strain the juice out.

8. Keep the juice for a refreshing pineapple juice drink.

9. Put the pulp into a heavy-based pot with 2 pandanus leaves.

10. Add 2 cups of brown sugar.

11. Tip: Proportion 1 cup pulp: 1 cup sugar.

12. Keep stirring over low heat about 25 minutes.

13. When jam is thick, add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence and 1/4 teaspoon yellow coloring.

14. Remove from stove and cool before storing.